Labour Doula ($1300*)

Two prenatal visits:

The first visit will be to become acquainted with one another. We will discuss labour, your birth wishes, relaxation and coping techniques.

The second visit entails a deeper conversation about postpartum- healing and the transition into parenthood.

Attendance at birth, up to 1-2 hours after

The postpartum visit:

An opportunity for an emotional check- in and to discuss your birth experience. It will include assistance with baby, answering common questions, meal preparation and a helping hand with tasks as desired.


Labour doula+ ($1600*)

Labour doula + an extra helping of postpartum support

The labour doula package plus an extra 10 hours of:

  • in home support for breast/chest & bottle feeding
  • physical support postpartum
  • meal preparation
  • assistance to keep on top of things

* plus HST